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Phoenix Suns Play Of The Game: Nash To Dudley To Hill

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The Phoenix Suns were leading 97-92 with two minutes remaining and the ball. Needing a bucket to help secure the win, Steve Nash ran a high pick and roll. The high pick and roll has long be the Suns standard go-to play but this one was quite a bit different.


1) Nash starts the pick and roll with Jared Dudley setting the screen. Nash rolls down the lane bringing two defenders with him.

2) Nash skips a pretty bounce pass between the two defenders which finds Dudley on the move with a defender rotated over to block his path to the rim. The defender however, had to leave Grant Hill to protect the rim from Dudley's drive.

3) Dudley makes a beautiful touch pass to Hill who catches and finishes despite the good rotation from the Pacer defender who had been covering J-Rich in the corner. 

The spacing between Hill and Dudley probably could have been better, but it was a great play by all three guys to get a big clutch bucket.


Bonus play: Clark drive and dish to Frye for the dunk