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Insight Bowl, Missouri vs. Iowa: One Hour Until Kickoff

Missouri and Iowa fans have begun to enter Sun Devil Stadium, and the weather  conditions outside make for a great night to watch football (currently low 60's, no wind). The field is adorned with the Missouri letters on the north end zone and the Iowa letters on the south side. Both teams use a black and gold color scheme, so it will be difficult to determine who brought the larger contingent until the cheering begins.

The Insight logo is in three locations on the field, and they are certainly getting a lot for their advertising dollar. The entire upper deck of the north end zone is covered by black tarp, and seats on both sides begin on the side of the Missouri end zone. 

Missouri boosters are placing yellow pom poms on the west side seats, hoping to stir up some home cooking for their Tigers. The bands are facing each other across the north end zone and the stadium is filling up nicely. With the quality of these two teams, a sellout is a real possibility.

We will continue to bring you updates regarding the Insight Bowl all evening long. Stay tuned to SB Nation Arizona for all the details.