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NFL Picks Against The Spread: New York Jets And Giants Face Midwest Monsters

Week 16 of the NFL season and some teams are finally taking steps to put their feet down on the throats of division rivals and crush their opponents' playoff hopes. The Vegas odds-makers have obviously put their feet down this week and are tired of our experts picks beating their spread. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, scum-between-the-toes type of smelly work of NFL picks, we've got you covered like warm wool socks on a pair of oh so lovely, delicate, sweet and tasty feet

Chicago Bears (-1) vs. New York Jets

The 10-4 Bears just keep trucking along on their way to the NFC North Division Title. They mauled the poor Vikings last week and at home are just a one-point favorite over the New York Feet ... err, Jets. Rex Ryan's team bounced back from an old-fashioned ass-kicking in New England and a stinker against the Dolphins with a nice win over the Steelers last week. The Jets need this game for more reasons than saving their poor coach more embarrassment. Chicago already locked up their division, while the Jets need this win to stay in the playoff hunt.

Prediction: Jets by a toe

Green Bay Packers (-3) vs. New York Giants

This game is all about Aaron Rodgers coming back for the Packers and the Giants trying trying to recover their balls after blowing a 21-point lead to Michael Vick. Vegas clearly is thinking that the G-Men will not have recovered their manhood and the Packers at home will be the hungrier team. 

Prediction: Packers to destroy the Giants' playoff hopes and cover the three points

The rest of our "expert" picks are going to have to wait a bit as some folks are slow this week. What I can share is that we once again kicked Vegas in the teeth last week with everyone of our "experts" getting at least half their picks right and four of them hitting on at least 10 of 16 games. Jose was the big winner with 12 right. Originally, I figured our bunch of misfits would bomb on these weekly picks against the spread, but it turns out we are pretty good. Shame no one put actual money down or we could all retire and let some other jokers pretend like they know what they are talking about.