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Festivus Is Upon Us; What Are Your Sports Gripes?

In an effort to do some good ol' fashion traffic whoring (we've got bills to pay, too), Seth asked me to compile some of my Festivus complaints about this wonderful sports region of Arizona. As anyone familiar with my writing knows I love to complain, so here goes nothing:

(1) Cardinals QB situation:

This one basically goes without saying and is by far my number one complaint. Not that I'm in any way covering new ground here, but seriously, what the hell was the organization thinking when they put the position in the hands of Derek Anderson, Max Hall, and John Skelton?

Was there anyone on the planet who thought that would work? Seriously. Anyone?

(2) Rosterbation:

Those of you who read Bright Side of the Sun are familiar with this term. And if you're not, I'll tell you that it is the situation where fans create topic after topic and fanpost after fanpost suggesting various trades that the team can make.

90% of the time, the suggested trades are ridiculous, and 100% of the time, they are annoying. I know blogs exist to speculate, but if I see another fanpost in which someone suggests a new way to acquire Jason Thompson, I might blow my brains out.

(3) Non-hockey related Coyotes issues:

It certainly seems like the worst of this is over, but I'd really like to see the name "Phoenix Coyotes" and not have words like "bankrupt" or "Glendale City Council" associated with it.

But since I'm a complainer, I'd also like to see words like "win" and "point" connected with a team that has fallen to 10th in the Western Conference.

(4) Donovan McNabb questions:

This is probably more of a complaint on behalf of Cardinals blogger Darren Urban, but can fans please declare a full stop on questions about the Redskins quarterback?

If the Cardinals had any desire to bring him in, they probably would have done so last year when he was trade bait. Now that he has had the worst season of his career, do you think they'll want him more? Furthermore, do you REALLY want to sign up for another year with a highly inaccurate quarterback?

Thought so.

(5) Fake Heat Fans:

Call this a preemptive strike against what I'm sure we are going to be seeing tonight at US Airways Center, but I already can't stand the people in LeBron James Miami jerseys that probably hadn't heard of the team otherwise.

You're all tools.