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Goran Dragic Denies NY Post Report Of Fight With Hedo Turkoglu

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As is normally the case with things you read on the internets, or in tabloids like the NY Post, you just have to take things with a few grains of salt. Today, Peter Vecsey "reported" that Suns guard Goran Dragic and now-former Sun Hedo Turkoglu "nearly came to blows."

Dragic, when asked about the report, seemed genuinely confused.

"Me and Hedo? When?" he asked.

"Oh no, we were good. When he was here, every time we went together for the dinner, lunch. We didn't have fight on the court or off the court, so I don't know."

The only incident Dragic could think of was one occasion during a timeout in a game when he demonstratively was pointing to Hedo where he wanted him to be on the court during the play.

"I'm not this kind of person to get into fight," Dragic said.

As for the trade that sent Hedo away in return for three new players, Goran was optimistic.  

"I think so with Hedo we need a little more time to adjust, but what is here is here. We have the new guys and I think so (Marcin) Gortat, (Mickael) Pietrus and Vince (Carter) are going to be good for our team. Now we just have to work on chemistry and hopefully we are going to start playing well."