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White House Press Secretary Wants To Dine On Duck

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Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary for the Obama administration, believes that God is like him: An Auburn fan.

Please. Excuse me while I openly reject that claim.

Of course, Gibbs was kidding around with reporters the other day and expressed his love for Auburn football. He's coming out to the Valley for the BCS national championship game between his Tigers and the Oregon Ducks

Quoth Mr. Secretary: "I've told my friends the only request I have is a nice Chinese restaurant for the night before the game... so that we can have some duck."


In Oregon, the hot story is whether star running back LaMichael James, who finished third in the Heisman Trophy voting, will opt out of his final two seasons of college eligibility and declare for the NFL Draft.

James didn't exactly say he's planning to stick around Eugene for a little while longer.


The Ducks and their fans are hoping some of that Heisman Trophy jinx follows Cam Newton to Glendale. The Oregonian's John Hunt has more on that, pointing out that seven of the past 10 Heisman winners have seen their teams falter in bowl games that same season. 

And then there is Mr. Keep Everything In-House, the lovably brief Chip Kelly, Oregon's head coach. He had the windows of the Ducks' indoor practice facility covered so no one could see what the Ducks were doing at practice Friday.  Whatever it takes....

In that story, Kelly made reference to an all-male acapella singing group from the U of O, called "On The Rocks."  Check 'em out:


And last but not least, leave it to those Auburn Warrrrr Eagle-hating 'Bama fans to spice things up a little. The people that brought you "Rollllll Tide!" are selling Oregon T-shirts in the state, and some have taken that a step further