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WEC 53: Chris Horodecki (155) vs. Donald Cerrone (155)

A spot in the UFC is likely up for grabs in this lightweight battle. The fighters square off, with Horodecki bouncing around as Cerrone stares across the cage. Cerrone closes in and clinches, but inadvertently hits Horodecki in the nether-regions. Horodecki seems shaken up and takes a moment. Referee Herb Dean restarts the action.

Cerrone is landing with a few body kicks before shooting and taking Horodecki down. Horodecki quickly scrambles and stands back up. Horodecki lands a nice right hand shot. The fighters briefly clinch and trade knees to the body. Horodecki is tagging Cerrone's right leg with kicks. Cerrone lands a stiff jab but Horodecki keeps moving forward. Horodecki shoots and takes Cerrone down, but the two instantly stand.

Cerrone closes the distance and trips Horodecki, but the IFL veteran winds up on top. The fighters stand again, but Cerrone again wrestles Horodecki down, and takes his back. The round ends with Cerrone in dominant position. SB Nation Arizona scores the round 10-9 for Cerrone.

Round two begins and the two fighters circle the cage trading kicks. Cerrone swings but Horodecki ducks under and takes "Cowboy" down. Cerrone is staying busy from the bottom, locking in Horodecki's neck and trying to secure a triangle. It isn't quite in deep enough and the action stalls. Horodecki can't get out of the submission attempt and Cerrone is continually working to secure a good angle.

Finally, "Cowboy" sinks the choke in and coaxes a tap from Horodecki. Donald Cerrone def. Chris Horodecki via Triangle Choke at 2:43 of the second round.