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WEC 53: Shane Roller (155) vs. Jamie Varner (156)

Last fight of the undercard. All week Varner, the Arizona native, has been relishing the opportunity to fight in front of the hometown crowd. Let's see how he handles it. Of course he enters the ring to "Home, Sweet Home" by Motley Crue. Herb Dean the referee. The fight starts. Varner probing early with the right hand. The crowd is clearly pro Varner.

Roller throws a double jab but nothing lands. Varner with a wide stance, probably looking to avoid the takedown. Varner lands an overhead right, followed by a few leg kicks. Varner lands a stiff left hand that floors Roller. Roller recovers quickly and stands up. Varner lunges forward but is stuffed. Roller grabs takes Varner's back and grabs hold of his neck. Varner stands up and holds on to the right hand of Roller as the two press against the cage.

Varner catapults himself sideways as the two hit the ground. Roller gets an arm underneath the neck and is looking for the choke. It's in deep. Varner is forced to tap late in the first round. Shane Roller def. Jamie Varner via rear-naked choke at 3:55 of the first round.