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WEC 53: Ivan Menjivar (135) vs. Brad Pickett (136)

Another Bantamweight contest. The two touch gloves and meet at the center of the cage. A couple early exchanges but nothing is landing flush. Menjivar attempts a spinning backfist but Pickett ducks underneath and takes him down. The two quickly stand back up. Pickett lands a strong left jab. Menjivar closes the distance and the two clinch. After a few moments they separate again.

The two continue to exchange as the round enters the halfway point. Menjivar is bleeding out of his left eye. Both men throwing hands and landing solid hooks. Menjivar attempts another spinning backfist and Pickett counters with a knee. Mejivar enters the clinch and lands a couple uppercuts. Another spinning backfist from Menjivvar. And another. Picket ducks underneath and takes him down. Brad is keeping busy, landing a couple solid elbows to Menjivars forehead. End of round one. SB Nation Arizona scores the round 10-9 for Pickett.

Round two starts and the two slap gloves. Inadvertent kick to crotch by Pickett. Menjivar shakes it off and the fight resumes. Menjivar lands a stiff left jab. Pickett lands a nice body shot. Both men are firing wildly in the pocket, and landing. Good battle. Menjivar lands another jab. Nice right hook by Menjivar stuns Pickett. Menjivar is teeing off. Pickett grabs a leg and shoots for a desperation takedown. It works and Pickett lands in Menjivar's guard.

Pickett staying busy on the top. Menjivar tries to secure a triangle but Pickett has none of it. The two stand. Menjivar lands another shot. Picket drops levels and goes for the takedown but is stuffed. The two clinch against the cage as the round ends. Pickett took a ton of damage in that round. SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Menjivar.

Round three starts and the crowd shows their appreciation, cheering wildly. Both men look fresh to start the round, bouncing on their heels. Menjivar grabs the neck of Pickett and lands a shot. They fighters clinch and Pickett shoots for the takedown but Menjivar sprawls. Pickett is throwing shots but Menjivar is blocking everything. Pickett with the leg kick. Pickett lands a solid left hook. Menjivar eats another shot. Pickett lands a flying knee square. Another overhand right from Pickett. Both men throwing hands in the pocket.

One minute left in the fight. The crowd is exploding. Menjivar lands a stiff jab, followed by a body kick. Pickett swinging wildly as the round comes to a close. Great fight. SB Nation Arizona scores the round 10-9 for Pickett.   

Let's see how the unproven Phoenix judges score it.

Official judges score the bout 29-28, 29-28, 29-28, and award the unanimous decision to Brad Pickett.