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Ken Stone (135) Vs. Eddie Wineland (136)

Ken Stone, American Top Team product, takes on former champ Eddie Wineland in the next Bantamweight contest. Stone throws an early leg kick. Wineland returns the favor. The two are testing the distance with sporadic kicks. Wineland lands a hard combination. The two grapple and Stone latches onto to Wineland. Wineland is carrying Stone, who is holding onto Wineland's neck. He carries Stone to the side of the cage, waits a second, and viciously slams him down. Stone is out. Wineland lands a quick punch for good measure and the contest is stopped. The crowd is delirious. Eddie Wineland def. Ken Stone via Knockout (Slam) at 2:11 of the first round. 

Stone hasn't moved since the fight ended. The doctors strap him to a stretcher and carry him out. Hopefully everything is alright.

Note: This report is from Shaun. We are having all kinds of wireless internet problems but we are are still doing better than that Stone kid. Brutal. - sp


After the fight both Wineland and WEC CEO Reed Harris reported that Stone had been medically cleared and was back in his hotel room. Personally, I've never seen an athlete get knocked out for that long of a time and not end up in the hospital. He did not move the entire time he was being worked on or while they were carrying him out of the ring. It was at least five minutes and probably more.

This picture was right before the slam.


This was the result.