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WEC 53: Chris Cariaso (136) vs. Renan Barao (136)

The first fight of the night and we start with the Bantamweights. Barao enters the fight on a ridiculous 27 fight win streak. Barao attempts an early high kick, but Cariaso checks it. Good back and forth action to start the night. Both Barao and Cariaso trade kicks. Cariaso loses his balance as Barao lands an early takedown straight into guard. Cariaso grabs an arm and tries for the armbar but he doesn’t quite have it. Barao staying busy, scrambles to the top and attempts an arm bar before moving into side guard and trying for a kimura. Nothing takes. The two scramble and Barao takes Cariaso’s back. Barao keeps working. Lands a few elbows, Cariaso tries to roll. During the rush Barao sinks in a rear-naked choke. It’s in deep. Cariaso taps. Renan Barao def. Chris Cariaso via Rear-Naked Choke at 3:47 of the first round.