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WEC 53: Cerrone Still At War With Varner, “I Plan On Whipping His Ass Every Chance I Get”

One can assume that Donald Cerrone and Jamie Varner won't be having each other over for Christmas this year. To say the two have a long, sordid past is somewhat of an understatement.

Generally, in the fight game, the trash-talking stops once two men get in the cage and beat the animosity out of each other. Yet, despite having fought just a few months ago -- their second fight in two years -- it doesn't seem like these two are nearing any sort of mutual understanding.

"I would love that fight -- again, and again, and in the parking lot, and wherever I can get it." Cerrone bluntly states. "Hopefully he wins his next fight and I can see him in the UFC. I plan on whipping his ass every chance I get. I don't ever plan on letting him dictate, not one round, not one second [if we] ever fight ever again."

There has certainly been no love lost in this relationship. In September, the two squared-off in Colorado at WEC 51. Leading up to the match, an astounding amount of venom was on display for the public. Expletive-filled grenades were consistently lobbed across the boundaries from both sides. All of the hype led to one of the most emotion-fueled fights that MMA has seen in some time. Of course, the battle wound up winning Fight of the Night honors.

"Cowboy" certainly feels as though that particular hurdle has been cleared, but he wants it to be clear that he still hasn't changed his opinion on the former lightweight champion.

"I used to worry about him, all my other fights with Ben and everything were just about getting through the next guy to get to Jamie Varner, and now I feel like I've overcome that. I finally got what I asked for and got out there and did everything I said I was going to do." a calmed Cerrone says, before flaring up. "So I feel kind of like the drama of that part is over, but the beef -- is he, as a person, still a b---- -- yes he is."

To be frank, Donald is always clear with his intentions. He is a master of the mental acrobatics of this back-and-forth game. When asked how it feels to be fighting on the main card in Jamie's hometown, while his rival is resigned to the undercard, a grin spreads across the cowboy's face.

"That's just another b---- slap in his face, isn't it? How do you like them apples Jamie Varner? I'm fighting in your hometown, on the main card, and you got to be on the undercard." Cerrone says, clearly relishing the thought. "That feels good, definitely. But like I said, I wish I was fighting him here. But I still got to do it [last time], so it feels good."