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Big Ten Logo Released To Horrific Reviews But We Love It

The Big Ten Conference has a lot of thing going for it. They've got schools in the primary dairy region of the country for example and as a result they lead the NCAA in cow-related cheerleader jokes. That's a fact, look it up. Today, the Big Ten Conference took another step into immortality when it released it's new logo which for some reason people are not taking kindly to.


Personally, I love it. It represents everything that is Big Ten sports. It's big for one thing and it uses block letters which is symbolic of the Big Ten tradition for power football. The Spartan style to the font is obviously a nod to the Michigan State Spartans and the color scheme is an excellent choice of bland, baby blue which is a political wise choice given that it is not the color of any of the schools in the conference. How would it look if they went with Ohio State red for the conference logo? That would be a disaster.

Here's some reaction from around SB Nation:

New Big Ten Logo Major Disappointment For Hidden-Numeral Fans - The Sports of St. Louis - SB Nation St Louis The logo goes atop two divisions called the "Legends" and "Leaders", which sound like World of Warcraft expansion packs.

What On Earth Is The Big Ten Doing? - SB Nation Minnesota What the heck is this? For crying out loud, I bet if you asked Pat Fitzgerald, he'd tell you himself that he doesn't belong on an award with Dick Butkus. With all due respect to Coach Fitzgerald and the good folks at Northwestern, when somebody says "Big Ten linebacker," the name Pat Fitzgerald does not immediately roll off of the tongue. . .but the name Dick Butkus certainly does.

It is their conference and I guess if they don't like it, they don't like it. But I say, quit your whining and go shovel some snow. That's a perfectly fine logo for the visually and conceptually impaired and represents all the blandness that the Midwest is known and loved for.