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NFL Power Rankings Week 15: Patriots And Falcons Looking Good; Cardinals Still Very Bad

Link: Week 15 Power Rankings Now Available

The NFL's top teams (according to Scott Howard's NFL Power Rankings) all got wins on Sunday which should leave very little movement in tomorrow's list. The New England Patriots pounded the snow out of the Chicago Bears; the Atlanta Falcons got the predictable win over the Luck-bound Carolina Panthers; the New Orleans Saints reminded the St. Louis Rams that they are still the St. Louis Rams; and finally the Pittsburgh Steelers rolled over the Cincinnati Bengals.

We have to go alway way to the (soon-to-be formerly) fifth-ranked New York Jets before we find a team at the top of the NFL Power Rankings that lost; and boy did the Jets manage to lose. The Rex Ryan implosion continued with a 10-6 beat-down at the hands of Miami Dolphins. It was a game filled with the normal New York drama, including Jets conditioning coach Sal Alosi tripping a Dolphins player running down the sideline. As they say, if you're not cheating, you're not trying. Or is it, it's not cheating if you don't get caught. Whatever it is, the Jets obviously need to call Derek Jeter in to give a lesson in how to get away with crap during a game.

The top of the power rankings still have a chance to move with tonight's game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Oilers Texans. But really, we don't expect it will. The tenth-ranked New York Giants will also play tonight in Detroit against the Minnesota Vikings who were chased out of town by a little snow and flimsy roof --- we still insist that game should have been moved here instead of Detroit. Detroit in December or Phoenix? It shouldn't even be close.

We will have to wait and see what Scott does with the 31st-ranked Arizona Cardinals beating the crap out the Denver Broncos (27). Does such a epic victory over a (not) valiant opponent merit a rise in the rankings from 31st to perhaps even 30th? Stay tuned for tomorrow's answer to that burning question.

Link: Week 15 Power Rankings Now Available