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College Bowl Game Picks Contest: Call Your Shot, Win A Bowl

College Bowl Game season is upon us, like it or not, and so we are running a Picks contest. With 34 games ranging from the tradition-bound Rose Bowl to the Bowl (that might or might not feature scantily clad football players seductively ripping off their jerseys and pants right up to the point that the FCC censors step in and bleep the entire damn game) we feel it is our civic and moral duty to find some way to make this mess more interesting.

The idea here is pretty simple, you fill out the form and pick the college football team you think will win the college bowl game it is going to. For example, did you know that Louisville and Southern Miss were playing in the Best 'O' Brady's St. Petersburg Bowl? Probably not, unless you are associated with one of those schools or your name is "Brady". 

That doesn't matter though, all you have to do is pick which of those two fine teams you think will win the game. Straight up, no spreads to worry about.

You can pick the Louisville Cardinals (6-6, 3-4 in the Big East) or the Southern Miss Golden Eagles (8-4, 5-3 in Conference USA). Personally, I am going with Louisville because that's where Earl Clark went to school. You might choose Southern Miss because they have a better record or perhaps because you think Golden Eagles would tear the crap out of a Cardinal in a real life bird fight.

We are not here to judge the reason you make your picks. In fact, we might as well call them "Freedom Picks" because you are free to make your own picks without fear of reprisal. Freedom isn't free, but making picks on college bowl games is.

More than anything, this is an experiment in the wisdom of crowds. We'll be looking at each of the 34 bowl games in more detail over the next few weeks and we want to be able to talk about how the picks are going because we are convinced that our readers know more (or possibly less) about college football bowl games then anyone else out there.

Plus, the winner of the contest gets their very own Cereal Bowl***


*** cereal and bowl not included as we do not have the sponsorship funding to give out a real prize

To play, just fill out the form below or click here to fill out it out. One entry per person or you wont be eligible to win the cereal bowl we are not really giving out.

Entries accepted up until the first bowl game kicks off on December 18, so hurry or you will miss your chance to not win a cereal bowl full of cereal.