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Dennis Rodman Talks Miami Heat While Otherwise Actively Engaged In Oral Sex

Arizona sports are bit boring right now. The Cardinals blow chunks on a regular basis. The Suns are hovering around the .500 mark. The Coyotes are playing really well but no one seems to care -- go figure. So today, we bring you this hilarious radio interview via SB Nation's Sports Radio that features Dennis Rodman in Miami.

Mr. Rodman talks about the Miami Heat and the oral copulation he is engaged in during the interview. 

That's right, only Dennis Rodman would do a radio interview while seemingly engaged in the act of oral sex.

"The Miami Heat right? You know what? There's a reason that LeBron can't accept, Dwyane Wade can't accept, and (Chris) Bosh can't accept the fact that you know what? I love that Michael, Scottie, and Dennis Rodman got along. They can't get it together. That's the main thing, they can't get it together. Other teammates cannot adjourn to these people and that's the main thing. If you see LeBron's face and the way he walks on the court all the time.

"What are you doing? What are you doing? This girl is really active. Oh my Lord she's going at it right now dude." 

We miss you, Dennis. Ron Artest isn't nearly crazy enough to compete with the greatest whack job the NBA has ever seen.

Listen for yourself-- however it might be NSFW. You've been warned.