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Sun Devils Steven Threet And Dean DeLeone Named First Team Academic All-Pac-10

To say that the Sun Devils' season may not be going as planned so far is somewhat of an understatement. Stuck at the bottom of the Pac-10 with a 2-5 conference record, ASU continues its time-honored tradition of engineering new and exciting ways to lose week in and week out.

But now a new trump card has arrived. At least we can say our quarterback is smarter that yours (in a non-football sense of course).

ASU's junior quarterback Steven Threet and senior defensive lineman Dean DeLeone have both been named First Team Academic All-Pac-10. Threet is a general studies major, and currently carries a superb 3.82 GPA. DeLeone is a communications major, and holds an impressive 3.41 GPA.

It is a fantastic honor, but one that gets overshadowed far too often. The name of the game is college athletics, after all. We should applaud these young men for embracing the academic spirit of university, and taking full advantage of the tremendous opportunities afforded to them.