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Tony Parker And Steve Nash Divorce In The Same Week, What Does It All Mean?

Today, we learned that Tony Parker cheating on his lovely wife, Eva Longoria, has led to divorce. Earlier in the week, we learned the Steve Nash was divorcing his non-celebrity wife, Alejandra, with no reasons given. What do these two items of news have in common? Nothing.

OK, technically they both involve point guards not born in the United States who are splitting from their respective wives, but it must be too hard for people to resist the urge to speculate beyond those similarities. Look, I am the last person to be a wet blanket when it comes to having fun at other people's expense.

It's kind of what we do.

Sometimes we have fun when they knock down 22 threes in a game and sometimes we have fun mocking athletes when they fail to meet our exaggerated expectations about how they should look, act, dress, talk, or play. That's what they are there for -- to entertain us -- and that's why they make ridiculous amounts of money. It comes with the job.

However, when it comes to the married lives of superstars, I really don't care. I barely care about the married lives of the people I am related to, so I certainly don't care if Tony Parker and Eva Longoria have issues. It's not as if he was cheating with a teammate's spouse. Right?

But whatever, if you want to poke fun at the philandering Frenchman, then go for it. Extrapolating the timing of the two announcements and ginning up scenarios where there's some kind of connection, however, is just wrong.