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The Arizona Cardinals Are Not Very Good

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That is all.

Except this ...

The Cardinals have three wins on the season. The opener against St Louis and the home wins over the Raiders and the Saints.

You can easily argue that all three were "fluke" or "luck" wins. 

In St. Louis, it was Steve Breaston chasing down the interception return for what would have been a touchdown. The Cards won that game 17-13. 

Against the Raiders, the game was all but lost until Janikowski missed a 32-yard field goal that would have won the game. Cards won 24-23.

The Saints win was the most decisive at 30-20, but it took the Cardinals scoring 30 points without an offensive touchdown. I guess you give them credit for holding the Saints, but clearly you can't count on your defense and lucky fumble recovers to score 30 points each week.

The losses, on the other hand, are much more indicative of who this team really is. Blown out to a good team in Atlanta and by a so-so team in San Diego. Losing in Seattle and to Tampa Bay thanks to turnovers and giving up 14 points in five minutes to the Vikings, who were absolutely reeling as well.

The offensive line can't protect or open holes. The defensive secondary is vulnerable to giving up big days to average teams. The offense can either throw interceptions or go three and out.

This is not a good team and if there was any question of that before today, it's gone now.