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Kurt Warner, Dancing With The Stars Part Ways

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It was pretty easy to see coming. Kurt Warner and Dancing With The Stars were destined to break up. They couldn't keep going out in the face of producer pressure -- you know, that whole kick someone off every week thing. But Kurt did make a valiant effort to get to the final five, sticking with Brandy, Jennifer Grey, Kyle and Bristol Palin ... wait, Bristol's still on the show? What the?

Dear Fans of Mama Grizzly and Real America, you are just embarrassing Bristol now. Let her go back to Alaska on her snow machine, spend time with her little boy and vote against her ex-fiance in the Wasilla mayoral race.

This week, the results show featured an auto-tuned Taio Cruise leading a Zumba class, some nine-year old dancers that might have been robots, John Legend and The Roots, with Questlove's hair (deservedly) getting a spotlight all to itself. Kenny Mayne headed up two DanceCenter segments, with a false-eyelash-wearing Jerry Rice as a sidekick and head judge Len Goodman playing the straight man. It included big hands jokes, sequins, tutus and awkward silences.

Although the mirror ball goes dark for Kurt Warner, the judges lauded him as a true sportsman with impeccable manners and a real gentleman, but not nearly enough dance skills. Kurt said he's learned that life is about building relationships not just winning and, to the chants of "MVP," he and Anna danced their last dance.

In a post-dance appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show, he admits he still watches the Cardinals and feels for the team. But doesn't regret leaving football and won't be coming back. And with that final nail in the coffin of Cardinals fans dreams, Kurt heads back to Brenda with some dance moves and a much higher tolerance for sequined clothing.