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DWTS Week 3: Where Kurt And Anna Foxtrot To Safety

Hooray! Kurt dances to safety in week 3, this is good because a world where The Situation and Bristol Palin are still dancing while Kurt is sent home is a world I don't want to be in. And in more good news, Kurt and Anna were the second couple safe, so I was free to not watch the rest of the show, except then this recap would be over, so I persevered. Those 50 minutes are lost forever.

First off, they make the dancers get back into those make-up and sweat soaked clothes a second night. That's disgusting and possibly unsanitary. Kurt dropped some coach speak in the post-dance interview, "we're improving, getting better every week, making strides...right where we want to be". So, pretty much opposite of where the Cardinals are. Also, it appeared Kurt may or may not have had some shiny pink lip gloss on. The tale of the HD tape says may.

The rest of the show as a blur of Danny Osmond cameos, Michael Bolton reappearance (missed him? don't worry you can catch him in Altoona, IA tonight!), A Neo performance, Brook Burke verbally feeling up the underage Disney kid and when that didn't work turning to her usual victim, Rick Fox. There was a super tough violin/guitar battle between two professional dancers, with mandatory leather vest with no shirt underneath.

Ciao! Until next week peeps.