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Arizona Cardinals Max Hall And Beanie Wells Can't Stop The Gathering Storm Clouds

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Undrafted rookie Max Hall could be the starter for the Arizona Cardinals when they take on the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Let that sink in.

Like many people, I'm not quite sure how to feel about that or about the overwhelming amount of fan support the possible move seems to have. As a matter of fact, I've been trying to put my feelings into words since fans began flocking to Hall during the preseason.

Luckily this afternoon, mother nature provided the answer.

As the rain began to come down in the East Valley it became clear, Cardinals fans infatuations with Max Hall is a lot like Arizonans' infatuation with monsoon thunderstorms.

People constantly talk about needing rain because of a current drought and how it will help. They are really excited to see a thunderstorm and have it live up to expectations. While it's raining, people try to stay positive but complain about some of the consequences that come with them being there.

In the end, the problem is, monsoons just create a mess that has to be cleaned up once they're done.

Right now the Cardinals are a mess and Max Hall starting at quarterback isn't the solution. Like the thunderstorms, he'll just cause more mess and won't fix the problem in the desert.

I'm not saying he isn't the answer in the future --although, I once thought Jake Plummer was the answer, so what the hell do I know-- but that future most certainly isn't now.

If things weren't bad enough with the prospect of an undrafted rookie starting for the Cardinals, another storm is brewing.

Beanie Wells decided on Monday to let the media and fans know he isn't happy about his current playing time (a move that worked out oh so well for Matt Leinart).

"It's tough to be a guy, to be on the sideline that wants to play," Wells said Monday. "No discredit to Tim [Hightower] - Tim's a great football player, but I hate sitting on the sideline watching, not really be out there contributing to the team."

Not so bad, until you read what he said a few seconds later.

"It's crazy," he said, "I have no clue what they're thinking upstairs - I'd like to know."

And many of us are wondering the same thing about Beanie.

What's the point of voicing displeasure with playing time after a 41-10 loss? What's going on upstairs when you decide to do it while your team is in the midst of a quarterback controversy? I'd like to know.

The worst part is Beanie Wells complaining and the controversy between Max Hall and Derek Anderson --which is like choosing between Luc Longley and Hot Rod Williams for best Suns center-- isn't even the tip of the iceberg. The Cardinals defense is in disarray and their offensive line couldn't block a pop up ad let alone an opposing defense.

The Cardinals have a complete mess on their hands right now and the storm clouds of negativity are gathering within the fan base. The problem is, unlike Arizona's summer monsoon storms, this won't pass quickly. This is going to be a long one and Max Hall starting at quarterback or Beanie Wells getting more touches won't make it clear up any faster.