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DWTS Week 6: Rock n' Roll Week Tough On Kurt, But Makes The Cut (Barely)

Somehow, due to Kurt's devoted fan base, he and Anna made the cut is week despite being lowest on the leader board. Anna's shock at being the first couple safe was evident, although Kurt seemed completely sure of himself. Did he mention he's been an underdog before? No? Well, he has America, and you can't put Baby Kurt back in Hyvee stocking groceries. In a cruel twist of fate, America's apathy for Audrina and Tony had them packing their glittery bags for home.

The rest of the results show was totally rock and roll, if rock and roll were choreographed by cheesy high school show choir instructors. An appearance by Heart, a plastic rebuilt lip-synching Kylie Minogue, and a replay of Bristol Palin's tango. Obviously, you missed nothing by watching the Sun's game.

Next week, there are guest judges for the DWTS's 200th show. And Taylor Swift. Former champs Apolo Ohno and Kristi Yamaguchi make an appearance, putting to rest the questions of what winter Olympians do when retired.

Bollywood + Transformers + Cowboy costume = much better than anything I saw on DWTS this week. Bad fire-breathing dinosaur.