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DWTS Week 5: Kurt And Anna Bewitch Judges, Are So Very Safe

On television theme week, Kurt and Anna foxtrotted to safety. Sadly, Mrs. Brady was sent home. We will miss you Florence, but not you, Corky. Florence looked like she would cut someone when Bristol Palin was declared safe and she was on the chopping block. And frankly, I was of the same mindset.

As for the rest of the show, there were fake commercials featuring David Hasselhoff, a Shakira appearance, and some young hack attempting to sing "Georgia On My Mind." That song is for Ray Charles and Ray Charles only, so please stop ruining things and, BTW, get off my lawn.

New week should be good -- it's rock and roll week, so plan on one Elvis, one Jerry Lee Lewis and maybe a Joan Jett. Also, our intrepid stars have two dances to learn. Considering how Bristol's jive turned out this week, I absolutely can't wait until she attempts to learn two dances. Can you say car wreck? Fingers crossed.