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Phoenix Suns Vow To Get Serious About Preseason, Face Golden State Warriors At Home, 7 P.M. AZT

This time they mean it.

All that other preseason stuff, with its 1-5 record, bottom five in offensive and defensive efficiency, worst three point shooting, second-to-worst (thanks, Knicks!) rebounding ... forgetabout it. 

The Phoenix Suns are ready to get ready for the regular season and that starts tonight against Louis Amundson's Golden State Warriors. Head coach Alvin Gentry said he will play his starters 30 minutes and go with a normal 10-man rotation. 

It's time to see what this team is really all about.

That should be interesting in and of itself, but tonight's opponent also brings some intrigue to the court.

How will the Warriors look now that Don Nelson has officially retired to the land of cold Bud Light? Can the Stephen Curry / Monta Ellis backcourt do more than take turns scoring a lot of points? Is David Lee going to excel or devolve now that he's out of the bright lights of New York City? Has Andris Biedrins gone away from the spiky flattop to more of the floppy-haired look like Kirilenko?

Unfortunately, the Warriors will be without a major (or at least partial) piece to their puzzle. Lou Amundson broke his finger in a recent preseason game and is in need of surgery.