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Arizona Wildcats QB Nick Foles Injury Updates

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Word out of Tucson is that Wildcats quarterback Nick Foles has a dislocated right kneecap. While head coach Mike Stoops is maintaining that the injury is not a season-ender, it certainly looks like Foles will be out at least three weeks. New York darling Mark "The Sanchize" Sanchez had a similar injury in 2008 and was able to play three weeks later, so there is some precedent for recovery.

In the meantime, junior Matt Scott, who before Saturday hadn't thrown more than twenty passes in a game since September 12 of 2009, now finds himself quarterbacking the No. 15 team in the nation. Mike Stoops has his work cut out for him.

With Foles back home in Texas, the Wildcats are preparing to start a tough three-game stretch in the Pac-10. First in line is Saturday's match-up against an unpredictable Washington team that already has wins over USC and Oregon State under its belt. Then come the UCLA Bruins, another erratic team that has managed to rail off dominating victories against Houston and Texas. Finally, the Cats visit No. 12 Stanford in what is sure to be their toughest test thus far in the season. 

The question for the Tucson-faithful is whether or not Scott can step up during the biggest three game stretch of his life. Though 3-0 would undoubtedly be ideal, at this point, 2-1 or 1-2 seems far more likely. Regardless, it's certainly going to be interesting.