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Coyotes And Sundogs Mate And Affiliate, That's So Great

Really, the question here is what took so long?

The Coyotes finally announced an affiliation agreement with the Arizona Sundogs of the Central Hockey League. The Sundogs are a double-A (rec league) team that plays in Prescott Valley at Tim's Toyota Center. We hear good thing about Tim ... or was that Tom?

The agreement allows the Big Dogs to send pups to the Sundogs for additional breeding and development purposes. The two teams (or one team and one pack) will also share marking stuff like branded collars, water bowls, and chew toys.

The agreement was announced by Coyotes Assistant General Manager Brad Treliving, which should make sure those Sundogs don't forget who the Alpha male really is in this relationship.

"We are excited to announce our affiliation agreement with the Arizona Sundogs," said Treliving. "We look forward to working with the Sundogs as we collectively continue to grow the game of hockey throughout the state of Arizona. We look forward to building a great relationship."