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Report: D-backs Willing To Spend $80 Million On Japanese Ace Yu Darvish

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Reports are surfacing that the Arizona Diamondbacks, they of the potential limited budget, may be willing to slurge a bit.

Japanese ace Yu Darvish may be posted this winter and the D-backs may be interesting in paying up to $80 million to obtain his services. The total sum is likely to be split between paying a posting fee and paying Darvish's actual potential contract.

Seems like the Snakes may be a little late on the "overpaying for Japanese pitching prospects" bandwagon, but it's an interesting report that would seem counter to the cost-watching approach many thought the Diamondbacks would take while rebuilding.

Would the team be better served spending the money on Darvish, or using some of that funding to enlist the services of a proven set-up guy and closer, and then hope a young pitching rotation is bolstered by the 2011 additions of, perhaps, Jarrod Parker and Tyler Skaggs?

Who knows. Fascinating rumor, nonetheless, by what it suggests about the team's spending habits in the future.