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DWTS Week 4: Where We Almost Lose Kurt, But The Situation Saves The Day

Oh boy, Kurt and Anna were down with the dregs this week -- hanging out with Bristol and The Stiuation. Not where you want to be in the results show. Luckily, The Situation and his dancing pecs were sent home.

It’s up to Kurt to redeem himself next week, in which “Television Shows” are the theme, which just sounds like blatant cross-marketing. I want someone to get DWTS as their theme, then they’ll just parody themselves, parodying themselves. How meta.

As for the rest of the results show, the highlight was Diane Sawyer interrupting the Goo Goo Dolls set with news the first miner from Chile had been rescued. Sadly, it cut back in time for half of the song. DWTS made an attempt at hipness with a performance by Florence and The Machine, but alas, the interpretive dancers on go-go stages made it fail. Sorry.

Till next week!