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Fox Sports Arizona And DISH Network Leave Fans Out In The Cold

Fox Sports Arizona announced today that they have been dropped by DISH Network, leaving Arizona sports fans out of luck if they want to watch the Diamondbacks' final few games, the Arizona State/Oregon State football game and the Phoenix Suns and Coyotes seasons, which start later this month.

Sorry, sports fans -- these two companies can't agree how to split the pie and you get hosed. 

"Fox has been trying for months to reach a fair agreement, but DISH refuses to play ball," said Brett Hansen, Fox Sports Arizona spokesman. "Our programming is among the most valuable DISH offers, and we're simply looking for a fair deal."

Translation, DISH didn't show Fox the money, so Fox took their balls and went home. We have no dog in this fight and no clue which side is more to blame, but the big loser is you, sports fans.

In many ways, this serves as a prelude to next year's potential NFL and NBA work stoppages, where sports fans on a much larger scale stand to get the shaft so rich players and rich owners can argue about how to share the riches.