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NBA 2K11 Video Game Rankings: Phoenix Suns Can't Even Get Virtual Respect

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The Western Conference Finalist Phoenix Suns haven't got much respect from the "experts" who predict NBA teams and they get similar treatment from the NBA 2k11 team rankings.

Interestingly enough, the same experts who loved to rag on Amare Stoudemire for his defensive lapses and poor rebounding are convinced that without him the Suns won't be able to rebound and defend the paint.

Not that they are wrong mind you, but it is ironic.

Now we have these leaked screenshots of the NBA 2K11 team rankings via Operation Sports and their number-crunching geeks. 

The Suns in their system will have the 13th best offense, the 28th best defense and overall rank 23rd in the NBA behind powerhouses like the Bobcasts (16), Grizzlies (15) and Kings (21).

Fortunately, it's just a video game so you can run out and buy it, assemble your own Suns roster and kick some ass.

Here's how all the teams rank.

Team Overall Offense Defense
Blazers 14th 21st 14th
Bobcats 16th 26th 10th
Bucks 11th 18th 9th
Bulls 4th 22nd 3rd
Cavs 22nd 29th 15th
Celtics 6th 7th 5th
Clippers 28th 23rd 26th
Grizzlies 15th 10th 21st
Hawks 12th 8th 13th
Heat 2nd 2nd 4th
Hornets 20th 12th 27th
Jazz 10th 5th 12th
Kings 21st 19th 23rd
Knicks 13th 6th 18th
Lakers 1st 3rd 1st
Magic 3rd 4th 2nd
Mavs 8th 14th 8th
Nets 25th 27th 24th
Nuggets 7th 1st 11th
Pacers 26th 24th 20th
Pistons 27th 25th 22nd
Raptors 30th 28th 29th
Rockets 17th 9th 17th
Sixers 19th 15th 16th
Spurs 9th 16th 7th
Suns 23rd 13th 28th
Thunder 5th 17th 6th
Timberwolves 29th 30th 30th
Warriors 18th 11th 25th
Wizards 24th 20th 19th


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