Scott Howard


I'm not a writer by trade, I just do this for the love of the game... or something. I was basically raised in Arizona beside a short stretch in Kansas where I attended the wonderful Kansas State University (the bias will slip out). The Arizona upbringing helped spawn an obsessive Suns and Cardinals fan. I do alright with the D-backs and Coyotes (I'm really trying). I spend way too much of my time thinking about sports. My blogging "career" started when a group of my friends decided to launch a little blog call Seasons of Discontent (or SoD for short). As most projects like that go, my buddies pretty much dropped off after a few months. Fortunately for me, Seth Pollack noticed my "writing talent" and brought me over to the Bright Side of the Sun to talk about the Suns. Now I'm here. I'm easily one of the top 15 writers on SB Nation Arizona and I look exactly like Gallagher.


Top Five Reasons To Be Optimistic About The 2011 Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals season starts in six days - and there are reasons to be excited.

Top Five: Best Contracts In Arizona Sports History

In celebration of Larry Fitzgerald's big new contract, we rank the best contracts in Arizona sports history.

2011 Arizona Diamondbacks Could Be Arizona's Most Surprising Team Ever

The Arizona Diamondbacks are in the midst of one of the most surprising contending runs of any Arizona sports team - is there's the best?

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Evaluation: Fans, Hall, Heap And More

It's exactly what the title suggests.

Braylon Edwards Would Be Wise To Sign With The Arizona Cardinals

As a Kansas State football fan one of the more amusing anecdotes in recent memory came from late 2005 when future Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman reneged on his commitment to the University of...

Busy Arizona Cardinals Look To Reclaim NFC West Title

The Arizona Cardinals claimed they had a plan - it took them all of six days to execute it.

Cardinals Big Bet With Kevin Kolb Out Of Character For This Franchise

There's a classic saying which goes a little something like "You've got to bet big to win big" - no I'm not just talking about gambling, we're talking about the Arizona Cardinals acquisition of E...

Top Five: MLB All-Star Performances By Arizona Diamondbacks

The All-Star game is coming, time to look back at the best performances in the game from our beloved Arizona Diamondbacks.

With Derrick Williams In Minnesota, The Phoenix Suns Should Trade For Michael Beasley

What Beasley needs is a situation where he doesn't have to take a leadership role and will be asked to simply score. Enter the Phoenix Suns.

Phoenix Suns NBA Draft Awards: Best And Worst Picks Ever

The NBA Draft is now just days away, time for a final look back at some of what the Suns have picked up in past years. And what better way to look at that than with awards.

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