Kristofer Habbas

Staff writer

Not many five year olds find comfort in sitting on the couch watching VHS tapes of Jason Kidd dominating high school and college. Well, I did and that is where the continued infatuation with basketball began and still ticks today. I have been covering basketball for the past few years with Dime Magazine ( and look to continue spreading my wings with SB Nation Arizona.


Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode Four


Led by a strong defense the Phoenix Suns have won three games in a row and might have found their rhythm, pace, and style in order win games on a consistent basis. Can they maintain this?

The Moment The Suns Became A Team


Oddly enough the Phoenix Suns most important personality -- not player, but personality to replace on the roster after last season's overhaul was actually the third string point guard; Ronnie...

Phoenix Suns Practice Report: GANGNAM STYLE


Relaxed, happy, less stressed, and visibly confident were the Phoenix Suns at practice today. It was most evident in Head Coach Alvin Gentry talking about the latest YouTube videos that he and his...

The Phoenix Suns Are Back To Situational Scoring


Over the course of the three game winning streak there has been a dynamic to the offense that was not there during the seven game slide. One is the reality and the other is the anomaly, which one...

Suns dethrone Kings to prolong the winning streak


They didn't run through the quad and into the gymnasium, but the Phoenix Suns are officially streaking as they won their third game in a row with home cooking and another comeback card punched.

Suns vs. Kings: Line-Ups, Coaches Quotes, and More


The Suns welcome in their divisional rival for the first time this season and look for better luck against the cellar dwellers after going 0-3 combined against both Los Angeles teams and the new...

NBA Power Rankings: Suns Are Streaking!


This was a very active week in the NBA with upsets, surprises, and as much drama as one could handle thanks to six overtime periods and equally exciting buzzer beaters. The NBA is in full swing...

Center of the Sun: A Winning Edition


When you go through the opposite of winning, like losing seven in a row, it is just that much more satisfying to have a week like the team has had. Big wins. Big moments. And a team becoming a team.

Alvin Gentry Wants To Unleash The Dragon


It has been said several times before that this team does not have a superstar or even to some degree a star in general. They need to play with team cohesion, but in that team effort the straw that...

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