Jess Root

Regional Sports Editor

A born-and-raised Arizonan from the East Valley, I have been passionate about Arizona sports (loving the Suns, Cardinals, D'Backs, Sun Devils, while hating Wildcats) for as long as I was aware that there were sports in Arizona. Unfortunately, due to the fact that my wonderful parents have never been big sports fans, I was about 12 when that happened, so I started late. I took a circuitous route to get to SB Nation. I started my university studies as a broadcasting major, but two years of living in Argentina as an LDS missionary and several other factors led me to secondary education. After nearly a decade of teaching Spanish to high school and college students, I was inspired to start blogging about sports at the start of 2010, starting with a little Blogger page before contributing to numerous sites. I found SB Nation and began writing for SB Nation Arizona in August 2010 and became lead blogger for Revenge of the Birds in February 2011. As an Arizona sports fan, I have suffered the bitter disappointments (many) and have enjoyed the highs (not so many). I get frustrated and upset, but I rarely lose hope. That may make me sound like a homer sometimes, but I don't want to lose my "fan perspective" just for the sake of being negative. Be realistic, but be optimistic -- that's how I see the world of sports fandom. Otherwise, why cheer at all?


Pregame Gentry quotes on lineup, last shots & more


The Phoenix Suns returned home after a six-game road trip to face the Dallas Mavericks, and it was the famed "Satisfaction guaranteed" promotion. Alvin Gentry talked to the media about a few...

Why Skelton again? Because they had to do it

To play Lindley again would have been pure hypocrisy.

Are we surprised there was a "fight"?

The defense has been playing so well that it is hard to think that the players might want to do the play differenty.

What did Whiz lose confidence in with Skelton?

Why Whisenhunt did not go to John Skelton on Sunday is puzzling

The good and the bad from the Cards/Jets game

There were actually some good things, but there were mostly bad.

Cards/Jets preview

A game in which two 4-7 teams battle for their pride.

Suns 'Guarantee Night' might actually work

Call it what you want, this ploy, gimmick (or whatever it is) is a good move.


Bringing the Territorial Cup to Tempe [VIDEO]

Many would say it is where it belongs.

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