Arizona's (No) Football Weekend

I'm on to their tricks.

Stringing me along, week after week, providing me with non-stop ridiculous football action. Biding their time, waiting until I get hooked on the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with spending a weekend on the couch, hanging with my pals Sparky and Big Red.

Then, right when I'm at the peak of addiction, those meddlesome kids have to go and take it all away from me. With the overly-intriguing Max Halls Cardinals and the always-perplexing Sun Devils staying in the fridge this weekend, all that is left is a lukewarm serving of Arizona Wildcat football.

On with the picks!

Arizona -23.5 @ Washington State

I'm not really sure what to say about this game. Since 2008 Washington State is a combined 4-27 ('08: 2-11, '09: 1-11, '10: 1-5). Four wins. Arizona already has four wins this season.

That really says it all.

Just to give you some perspective, here are some examples of the 27 teams that the Cougars have lost to: ‘08 Baylor, ‘08 UCLA, ‘08 Hawaii, ‘09 Hawaii, ‘09 Arizona State, ‘09 Notre Dame, ‘10 Southern Methodist. Not exactly squads that set the world on fire. To add insult to injury, Washington State barely avoided embarrassment in the second game of the season, needing a 16 point fourth-quarter comeback to defeat Big Sky darlings Montana State.

Now that 23.5 point spread is starting to make sense.

Really, I can't understand how Arizona lost against Oregon State last week. Up until the last seconds ticked off the clock, I still believed the Wildcats were going to win. I guess living on the edge for three weeks in a row finally caught up to Mike Stoops' gang. If only Arizona was able to play the first three-and-a-half quarters like they play the last five minutes of the fourth every Saturday; they probably would go undefeated.

The Wildcat defense has to be frustrated with the way they performed against Ryan Katz and the Beaver passing game. There's almost no way they get picked apart like that two weeks in a row. Look for them to take out a week's worth of frustration on Jeff Tuel and the Cougar offense.

This one ends in a blowout.

Intern Prediction: Arizona 45, Washington State 17


Last week's record: 1-2

Total record: 7-4

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