ASU Helmet with the new pitchfork logo.

ASU's Uniforms And Logos Set To Make Debut: Consider The Fork, Feared

Nothing says success like a massive change in brand identity. Go Devils!

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ASU Sun Devils To Feature White, Black, Maroon, Gold Helmets (PHOTOS)

The Arizona St. Sun Devils will really be giving themselves huge makeovers this season when it comes to their uniforms. Those wardrobe shifts will also be reflected on their headgear as well, as ASU football will show off helmets with four different color schemes. Gold, maroon, black, and white will be the multiple top-style looks for ASU football, reports Patrick Finley of the Arizona Daily Star. They will wear gold helmets for their opening game against UC Davis and debut the black helmets in a Black Out versus Missouri.

You should be able to see all of the new potential looks for ASU by going to this site and changing things up a bit.


Here's the original gold helmet, which shouldn't change too much from the original design. It's a pretty polished look compared to the Acme-ified helmet logo the Sun Devils are used to wearing.


Here's the all-black look that the Devils will be sporting in Week 2 against the Missouri Tigers.


Here's the maroon look that will assuredly confuse everyone if they plan on using it against the USC Trojans.

And here's the white helmet look that a reader of UniWatch dug up. These aren't four bad-looking styles.

Which helmet do you like the best?

For more on ASU football, go to House of Sparky.


Arizona State New Uniforms Causing Gang Problems In Chicago

When the powers that be at Arizona State University and their corporate overlords sponsors at Nike came up with their flashy new font, logo and uniforms for the Sun Devils they were probably thinking of the obvious things. New uniforms increase school spirit and help with recruiting and of course, selling more merchandise won't make anyone lose their job.

What they couldn't have anticipated was the ripple in the pond effect spreading to the mean streets of Chicago.

According to a Bob Young report in the Arizona Republic on Tuesday, the Satan Disciples gang already uses a trident symbol in their tattoos and tagging. According to an ASU alum who's also a gang cop in Chicago, the problem is all but a given.

"The gangs adopt sports teams and wear their gear," Sgt Kenneth Epich said. "The S.D.'s are going to adopt the (ASU) hat as their hat of choice just as soon as they see the first person wearing one."

ASU has no intention of letting it's logo be used as a symbol for violence and crime. They are on the case according to the associate athletic director, revenue generation at ASU, Steve Hank.

"The one thing we can tell you is we vigilantly defend our marks," said Hank,  "If they were to use it in that way, we would take all legal action to protect our mark."

ASU's lawyers versus a mean Chicago street gang fighting over trademark use. I smell a TV mini-series.

Of course, gangs adopting sports teams hats is a wide spread issue but according to this official-looking document from a gang enforcement web site, it will be the first time and Arizona team enters the thug life.  

Welcome to the big time, Sparky.



ASU Football: New Uniforms To Be Absent At Spring Game This Saturday

The Sun Devils will take the field for their Spring Game on Saturday at Sun Devil Stadium, and fans are invited to partake in the festivities. This free event will give ASU supporters their first glimpse at the 2011 rendition of the team.

Unfortunately, the awesome new ASU uniforms will not be on display this weekend, though Sparky tells us that there will be samples for fans to take a look at in the stands.

This game is also the season ticket holder Select-A-Seat, and prospective ticket buyers should head over to SDS this Saturday to take their pick of the remaining selection.

Some things to watch this Saturday: will Brock Osweiler impress, or will freshman Mike Bercovici continue to steal moments of the spotlight? Will Vontaze Burfict knock someone's helmet off? Can Gerell Robinson continue his improvement this offseason and become the team's top wide receiver in 2011?

The game starts at ten in the morning, so get there early for the best parking spots in Lot 59.

For more on the Sun Devils, check out House Of Sparky.


New ASU Uniforms: Why Rebranding Makes Sense For The Sun Devils


That's all you need to know when you wonder about today's event at Arizona State. The buzz was palpable.

I arrived at the Memorial Union around 1:20 in the afternoon, and picked up my media credentials for the unveiling. After they escorted the media into the ballroom, they began to fill up the remaining seats with legions of anxious ASU fans.

The room was exceptionally dark, with menacing smoke wafting across the stage. The platform was accompanied by matching big-screen televisions.

ASU knew it had your attention. After months of buildup, the day had finally come to unveil the new look of the Sun Devils, and it wasn't going to be a quick release party. They were too smart for that.

Rebranding a program is not without risks. It's easy to alienate your biggest financial contributors (hereafter referred to as "the boosters") if you do not create an image that pays homage to the past while focusing on the future. In short, you need to be mindful of tradition.

Tradition can only take you so far, though. From the videos that were played on the televisions at the event today, it became painfully obvious that most of ASU's greatest memories are from, well, a long time ago.

It seems like the current administration running the athletic program at Arizona State University finally gets it. ASU is one of the biggest institutions in the world, with alumni stretched across the globe in large numbers.

Most of these alumni weren't cheering for the Sun Devils when Frank Kush was the coach of the football team. Many have seen the football program spiral downward since 1997.

Today was a day that addressed 14 years of inconsistency, and a listless program took a huge step in the right direction. It truly seemed to be an "example of the determination and innovation of [ASU]," like athletic director Lisa Love said this afternoon.

Sparky has been an iconic logo, recognizable far and wide. Don't overestimate his influence, however -- he's just a skinny devil with a mustache to a lot of people in this country. 

Today was a bold step forward for the Sun Devils. No matter how you feel about the uniforms and new logo, give it time. See how the recruits react, and then determine if this change was worthwhile or not.

Either way, the entire sports world is talking Sun Devils today. That in itself is a huge accomplishment.


ASU Sun Devils Get New Desert Black Uniforms

Wearing black in the desert is generally frown upon. It make the normally hot, hot sun even hotter. But when you are playing football at night and in the winter time an exception has apparently been made. The ASU Sun Devils as part of their new brand campaign, have unveiled a black uniform for both football and basketball.

The hope is that the new color will appeal to the kids and and will be, "a long-anticipated return to the Sun Devil attitude." Sun Devils. Hell. Black. It all makes perfect sense when you think about it. But really, we don't recommend spending too much time thinking about it. Just enjoy the new look and hope the teams on the field and court can be as awesome.





ASU New Uniforms Unveiled: Fonts And Forks For All!

ASU Athletic Director Lisa Love kicked things off with the unveiling of the first two parts of ASU's new brands. First came the proprietary font, ASU Bold. It's an exciting, dynamic look. Or it's just a slight tweak on a font you've seen a thousand times. We can't tell. 

Following the font, of course came the Fork. Fear the Fork. The Fork isn't just for eating pasta. Fork it. Fork related phrases were used to describe the new logo which is, a Fork.


"When I arrived at ASU six years ago I noticed we were an athletics program which featured different shades of maroon and gold, different logos, multiple fonts and uniforms," Love said in a prepared statement.

"There was a lack of real consistency with regard to our brand. This partnership with Nike, which began nearly a decade ago for uniforms, will springboard us to a new level of branding, giving us a coordinated universitywide focus that will support our aspirations as a high-performance athletic organization."

The uniforms came next in a flashy show that featured athletes from various programs coming on-stage in their new outfits.

The big addition, as rumored, was the black uniform joining the home white and road maroon. Sparky has indeed been replaced with The Fork. I guess Sparky wasn't "high-performance" enough for the modern age.


Being old and resistant to change, I might not be the best judge of these fancy new "colors" and "logos". Hopefully the kids love them because it's all about the kids. It's also about not spending any state money on the re-branding which is what the school reports.

"There were a handful of incidental costs, such as business travel and promotional campus signs that were paid for out of licensing revenues and local funds. No state taxpayer funds or tuition dollars were used."

Visit ASU's Facebook page for a full gallery of all the stuff. Sundevilmbb_dsc8224_medium

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