Lost In The Quarterback Shuffle, Cardinals Rookie Ryan Lindley Just Working To Make The Roster

TEMPE, AZ - MAY 11: Quarterback Ryan Lindley #14 of the Arizona Cardinals practices in the minicamp at the team's training center facility on May 11, 2012 in Tempe, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Ryan Lindley knows his role is that of a backup quarterback, but that won't deter him from working to become the best he can be.

This offseason for the Arizona Cardinals has all been about one thing: who will play quarterback for the team this season? It comes down to two veterans; Kevin Kolb and John Skelton are each vying for the job. So far, neither of them have proven they are ready to take the reins. Fans are growing wary of waiting for one of them to step up, prompting an outcry for another option.

That brings us to Ryan Lindley, a rookie quarterback that the Cardinals took in the sixth round of this year's draft out of San Diego State.

Due to his inexperience, Lindley probably won't see much time on the field this season. Nor should he, according to head coach Ken Whisenhunt. The coach likes what he has seen from the young signal caller up to this point, but noted that he is nowhere near ready to start playing in the NFL. He needs time, which is why he was drafted where he was.

Just because Lindley knows that he's a long shot to start and is going to get time from the team to develop, that will not deter him from doing everything he can to get on the field.

"I'm just working to get on this 53 man roster right now," Lindley told me after practice on Tuesday. "For me, you can say I'm competing with Rich [Bartel] or that I'm competing with different guys, but I'm just really trying to get better everyday. I was competing with myself yesterday and when it's all said and done I think I'll be a better player."

He seems to be excited about his future with the Cardinals, but isn't content with how he has played.

"I'm happy with what I've done, but at the same time, I'm not content. I think I've left some plays on the field, left some yards on the field. You always want to be better than the last time you were out. I think I've improved from the Saints game; just looking to be better this week than I was last."

His teammates have been singing the same song in terms of becoming better players, but so far, the Cardinals have struggled in two preseason games. The offense has failed to make much of an impact and the defense has been gashed for major yards. Still, none of that worries the rookie quarterback.

"I think it's early. You're going to run into some hiccups, but I think they're spurts. There's the talent, that's not a problem at all. I think when it starts clicking, it's going to surprise a lot of people."

Until the offense actually starts to 'click', Lindley's name is still going to be chanted from the stands. That's just part of the game of football and it happens wherever you go.

For those of you that are fans of Lindley, your cries for him have not gone unnoticed. The hashtag "#Lindsanity" has been a big hit on Twitter as of late, which is some that Lindley caught wind of.

"I heard about it. I think backup quarterbacks are pretty popular wherever you go. I'm not going to turn it down at all, I'll take what I can get. I think it's just interesting. It's kind of funny, but people can take it where they want to."

Whether it's funny or serious, the thought behind it is that Ryan Lindley should be the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. Sure, it may come with time and more experience, but for now that's not his main objective. He just wants to get better everyday and make the main roster.

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