2011 MLB All-Star Rosters Revealed

The 2011 All-Star game will be held at Chase Field, Phoenix, Arizona on July 12.

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MLB All-Star Reserves Announced: Justin Upton In, Kennedy Snubbed By Giants Pitchers

The reserves for the 2011 MLB All-Star Game on July 12 at Chase Field were announced. Not surprisingly, there were four Giants pitchers selected by Giants manager Bruce Bochy which is more than any other team. At least Bochy had the decency not to pick any of this position players. In the American league, the Rangers, Rays and Tigers all had three players picked.

Arizona Diamondback right-fielder Justin Upton was selected as the only representative of the hometown team. Ian Kennedy was snubbed in favor of Giants Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum who have worse numbers and Ryan Voglesong who's only pitched 77 innings. 

In two starts against the Giants, Kennedy pitched 16 innings, recorded 18 strikeouts and has an ERA of 0.00. Bochy obviously didn't see enough of Ian to pick him over one of his own boys.

Here's the full reserve rosters for the 2011 MLB All-Star Game:

American League

Position Players: Matt Wieters (C, Baltimore Orioles), Jacoby Ellsbury (OF, Boston Red Sox), Carlos Quentin (OF, Chicago White Sox), Asdrubal Cabrera (SS,Cleveland Indians), Miguel Cabrera (1B, Detroit Tigers), Howie Kendrick (2B, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), Michael Cuddyer (OF, Minnesota Twins), Russell Martin(C, New York Yankees), Matt Joyce (OF, Tampa Bay Rays), Adrian Beltre (3B, Texas Rangers), Michael Young (IF, Texas Rangers).

Pitchers: Chris Perez (RP, Cleveland Indians), Jose Valverde (RP, Detroit Tigers),Aaron Crow (RP, Kansas City Royals), Josh Beckett (SP, Boston Red Sox), Mariano Rivera (RP, New York Yankees), Gio Gonzalez (SP, Oakland Athletics), Felix Hernandez (SP, Seattle Mariners), Justin Verlander (SP, Detroit Tigers), Brandon League (RP, Seattle Mariners), David Price (SP, Tampa Bay Rays), James Shields (SP, Tampa Bay Rays), Jered Weaver (SP, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), C.J. Wilson (SP, Texas Rangers).

National League

Position Players: Justin Upton (OF, Arizona Diamondbacks), Chipper Jones (3B, Atlanta Braves), Starlin Castro (SS, Chicago Cubs), Brandon Phillips (2B, Cincinnati Reds), Jay Bruce (OF, Cincinnati Reds), Joey Votto (1B, Cincinnati Reds), Troy Tulowitzki (SS, Colorado Rockies), Gaby Sanchez (1B, Florida Marlins), Hunter Pence (OF, Houston Astros), Carlos Beltran (OF, New York Mets), Matt Holliday (OF, St. Louis Cardinals), Yadier Molina (C, St. Louis Cardinals).

Pitchers: Jonny Venters (RP, Atlanta Braves), Clayton Kershaw (SP, Los Angeles Dodgers), Cole Hamels (SP, Philadelphia Phillies), Jair Jurrjens (SP, Atlanta Braves), Joel Hanrahan (RP, Pittsburgh Pirates), Heath Bell (RP, San Diego Padres), Matt Cain (SP, San Francisco Giants), Roy Halladay (SP, Philadelphia Phillies), Tim Lincecum (SP, San Francisco Giants), Brian Wilson (RP, San Francisco Giants), Ryan Vogelsong (SP, San Francisco Giants), Cliff Lee (SP, Philadelphia Phillies), Tyler Clippard (RP, Washington Nationals).


MLB All-Star Starting Rosters Include Four Yankees And Three Brewers

MLB announce the starting rosters for the 2011 All-Star Game held in Phoenix, Arizona on July 12. The starters were selected by fan voting which helps explain why there are four New  York Yankees picked from the American League but does nothing to explain the presence of three Milwaukee Brewers for the National League side. Despite the game being held in a National League park, for the first time the DH will be used.

There will be 34 players overall on each rosters with fans voting on 17 starters (DH in the AL) and players picking 17 positions players and 16 pitchers (10 starters and six relievers. The two managers along with MLB pick another 10 pitchers and six bench players. 

Then, skippers Ron Washington (AL) and Bruce Bochy (NL), in conjunction with MLB, each identified five omitted players to make up the All-Star Game Final Vote, which fans can vote on until 4 p.m. ET on Thursday.

Here's the starting rosters for the 2011 MLB All-Star Game as voted on by the fans (which is clearly a flawed process as evidenced by Derek Jeter making the cut):

American League

1B: Adrian Gonzalez, Red Sox
2B: Robinson Cano, Yankees
3B: Alex Rodriguez, Yankees
SS: Derek Jeter, Yankees
OF: Jose Bautista, Blue Jays
OF: Curtis Granderson, Yankees
OF: Josh Hamilton, Rangers
DH: David Ortiz, Red Sox
C: Alex Avila, Tigers

National League

1B: Prince Fielder, Brewers
2B: Rickie Weeks, Brewers
3B: Jose Reyes, Mets
SS: Placido Polanco, Phillies
OF: Lance Berkman, Cardinals
OF: Ryan Braun, Brewers
OF: Matt Kemp, Dodgers
C: Brian McCann, Braves


2011 MLB All-Star Voting: Jacoby Ellsbury Threatening To Turn The AL Results In The AL East All-Star Team

It's finally happening. Though, I guess it was kind of inevitable. With just a few days until the MLB All-Star fan voting period ends, Boston's Jacoby Ellsbury (3,051,675) is mounting a furious rally against Texas' Josh Hamilton (3,173,000), to transform the starting AL team into the dreaded AL East All-Star team. What else is there to say about east-coast, big-market bias?

Yes, should the latest Boston candidate join the ranks, the team that is meant to represent the entire American League would be comprised entirely out of members of the AL East. Five Yankees, three Red Sox, one Blue Jay. A tad ridiculous, to say the least.

Catcher Russell Martin (2,779,592), second basemen Robinson Cano (4,724,816), outfielder Curtis Granderson (4,582,419), third basemen Alex Rodriguez (3,735,406), and shortstop Derek Jeter (3,392,128) -- whose undeserved lead over Cleveland's Asdrubal Cabrera (2,885,778) has actually grown throughout the month -- all proudly maintain a pinstriped advantage at their respective positions. Likewise, the Boston faithful have ensured that first basemen Adrian Gonzalez (4,014,722) and designated hitter David Ortiz (4,237,014) still carry significant leads at their spots.

Of course, a king resting in comfort amongst all this New York/Boston fanfare, the sole Toronto Blue Jay's candidacy cannot be argued. Canada's slugging superstar, outfielder Jose Bautista (5,263,840), is the lone member of either league to reach to five million ballot mountaintop, and is a sure lock to end up as the MLB's leading vote-getter. 

The starting AL lineup as of June 28th:
C: Russell Martin, Yankees: 2,779,592 (Alex Avila, Tigers: 2,345,065)
1B: Adrian Gonzalez, Red Sox: 4,014,722 (Mark Teixeira, Yankees: 3,077,242)
2B: Robinson Cano, Yankees: 4,724,816 (Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox: 2,979,181)
SS: Derek Jeter, Yankees: 3,392,128 (Asdrubal Cabrera, Indians: 2,885,778)
3B: Alex Rodriguez, Yankees: 3,735,406 (Adrian Beltre, Rangers: 2,935,373)
OF: Jose Bautista, Blue Jays: 5,263,840 (Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox: 3,051,675)
OF: Curtis Granderson, Yankees: 4,582,419 (Carl Crawford, Red Sox: 2,294,337)
OF: Josh Hamilton, Rangers: 3,173,000 (Nelson Cruz, Rangers: 1,912,783)
DH: David Ortiz, Red Sox: 4,237,014 (Michael Young, Rangers: 2,235,504)


2011 MLB All-Star Voting: Four Starting NL Spots Coming Down To The Wire, Justin Upton Nowhere To Be Found

With just days left before the balloting ends, suddenly the once-stagnant NL All-Star race has blown wide open. After maintaining essentially same starting line-up throughout the voting process, the National League could potentially face up to four upstart changes in their lineup by week's end.

In the aftermath of the fractured-wrist-heard-round-the-world, St. Louis first basemen Albert Pujols' (3,358,432) spot in the starting lineup is suddenly up for grabs. Making the charge for the honor is Milwaukee's Prince Fielder (2,903,584), who finds himself embroiled in a fierce battle with Cincinnati's Joey Votto (2,832,857) that will likely come down to the wire.

Fielder's Milwaukee teammate, Rickie Weeks (2,869,583), rode another strong week to finally overtake Brandon Phillips (2,791,186) as the NL's starting second basemen. Though the margin between the two remains small, Phillips had held the lead since the initial balloting results were released at the beginning of June.

In news regarding players who probably deserve starting nods, Los Angeles outfielder Matt Kemp (2,743,927) and New York shortstop Jose Reyes (2,710,777) continued their meteoric rise up the rankings on the heels of yet another torrid week. The triple crown candidate and NL batting king each have a few days left to make up the 200,000 vote differential between incumbents Troy Tulowitzki (2,955,609) and Matt Holliday (2,935,965).

Atlanta catcher Brian McCann (3,062,884), Philadelphia third basemen Placido Polanco (3,261,718), St. Louis outfielder Lance Berkman (3,208,183), and leading vote-getter Milwaukee outfielder Ryan Braun (3,932,100) all maintained steady leads at their respective positions. Braun has been the most popular NL candidate since the second week of balloting. 

Noticeably absent from the voting is Arizona Diamondbacks stud Justin Upton. Since beginning within 500,000 votes of a starting spot, the young outfielder has found the gap between himself and the leaders widening each time a new set of results is released, despite a blistering June that saw his batting average raise from .264 to .306.

While his numbers may not overwhelm upon first glance, there is something to be said about the influence a player has on his team. The argument could be made that by leading the unknown Diamondbacks in a charge from irrelevance to the top of the NL West, Upton has had a far greater impact on his franchise than any member of the star-studded Cardinal outfield.

Fan voting ends June 30th and can be accessed from MLB.com or any major league team website. Starting league rosters will be announced during the ‘2011 All-Star Game Selection Show' on TBS, Sunday July 3rd. The 2011 MLB All-Star game will be held July 12th at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.

The starting NL lineup as of June 28th:
C: Brian McCann, Braves: 3,062,884 (Yadier Molina, Cardinals: 2,271,887)
1B: Albert Pujols, Cardinals: 3,358,432 (Prince Fielder, Brewers: 2,903,584)
2B: Rickie Weeks, Brewers: 2,869,583 (Brandon Phillips, Reds: 2,791,186)
3B: Placido Polanco, Phillies: 3,261,718 (Chipper Jones, Braves: 2,040,594)
SS: Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies: 2,955,609 (Jose Reyes, Mets: 2,710,777)
OF: Ryan Braun, Brewers: 3,932,100 (Matt Kemp, Dodgers: 2,743,927)
OF: Lance Berkman, Cardinals: 3,208,183 (Andre Ethier, Dodgers: 2,264,640)
OF: Matt Holliday, Cardinals: 2,935,965 (Jay Bruce, Reds: 2,119,267)


2011 MLB All-Star Voting: Adrian Gonzalez Topples Mark Teixeira, AL East Dominates AL All-Star Results

The third edition of the MLB All-Star AL voting results have been released, and a Blue Jay has become the first major-leaguer to eclipse three-million votes. Toronto's celebrated slugging outfielder, Jose Bautista, dominated the ballot once again, leading all MLB players with 3,042,091 votes.

This week featured a major shift in the starting AL lineup, as Red Sox first basemen Adrian Gonzalez (2,027,537) surpassed Yankees star Mark Teixeira (1,774,024) on the heels of a torrid hitting streak. Teixeira is the first of the initial six starting Yankees to fall. The move also marks the second consecutive week a member of the red-hot Red Sox climbed into the starting lineup -- previously David Ortiz (1,974,918) surpassed Michael Young (1,428,833) to lead the DH vote.

Though it should be noted, regardless of the shift, the AL East continued its authority over the balloting. Eight of the nine starting spots are currently claimed by a member of the renowned division. The remaining five Yankees -- catcher Russell Martin (1,712,156), second basemen Robinson Cano (2,649,737), shortstop Derek Jeter (1,931,670), third basemen Alex Rodriguez (2,063,520), and outfielder Curtis Granderson (2,406,946) -- all maintained a steady lead at their positions.

Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton (1,799,339) held on as the lone defender of the non-AL East divisions. His spot may be in danger however, as Red Sox youngster Jacoby Ellsbury (1,447,715) is barreling up through the rankings.

The starting AL lineup as of June 16th:
C: Russell Martin, Yankees: 1,712,156 (Alex Avila, Tigers: 1,093,070)
1B: Adrian Gonzalez, Red Sox: 2,027,537 (Mark Teixeira, Yankees: 1,774,024)
2B: Robinson Cano, Yankees: 2,649,737 (Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox: 1,518,231)
SS: Derek Jeter, Yankees: 1,931,670 (Asdrubal Cabrera, Indians: 1,647,802)
3B: Alex Rodriguez, Yankees: 2,063,520 (Adrian Beltre, Rangers: 1,752,729)
OF: Jose Bautista, Blue Jays: 3,042,091 (Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox: 1,447,715)
OF: Curtis Granderson, Yankees: 2,406,946 (Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners: 1,231,035)
OF: Josh Hamilton, Rangers: 1,799,339 (Carl Crawford, Red Sox: 1,222,687)
DH: David Ortiz, Red Sox: 1,974,918 (Michael Young, Rangers: 1,428,833)


2011 MLB All-Star Voting: Ryan Braun Leads NL All-Star Results; Jose Reyes, Yadier Molina Charging

The third set of 2011 MLB All-Star voting results have been released and Milwaukee outfielder Ryan Braun (2,230,505) is the leading vote-getter for the second week in a row. The young standout of the first-place Brewers maintains a strong lead over the next closest national-leaguer, St. Louis Cardinals first basemen Albert Pujols (2,081,590).

As expected, the new results offer no changes to the starting NL lineup. The remainder of the starting outfield is held by a pair of St. Louis Cardinals' stars, Lance Berkman (1,878,314) and Matt Holiday (1,855,416), who are virtual locks to be in the final lineup. Cinncinnati Reds second basemen Brandon Phillips (1,754,872) and Philadelphia Phillies third basemen Placido Polanco (1,822,129) also maintained strong leads at their respective positions.

Nevertheless, interesting developments in the voting may be in the works. The St. Louis Cardinals' Yadier Molina (1,345,260) entered this week's fray, charging hard at Braves' catcher Brian McCann's (1,646,822) starting spot.

Likewise, Jose Reyes (1,241,553) rode an exceptional week to claw his way into the All-Star shortstop race. However, the New York Met still faces a deep hole to overcome if he wants to catch Rockies star Troy Tulowitzki (1,828,509).

Also noteworthy, Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jay Bruce (1,201,224) eclipsed Shane Victorino (1,001,749) to climb his way into the third back-up outfielder spot. Sadly, despite a noble effort from Reds fans, a daunting margin of over 600,000 votes separates Bruce from a starting spot.

Voting is available at all MLB ballparks, MLB.com, and each major league team website until June 24th. From June 24th until June 30th voting will exclusively be available online.

The starting NL lineup as of June 16st:
C: Brian McCann, Braves: 1,646,822 (Yadier Molina, Cardinals: 1,345,260)
1B: Albert Pujols, Cardinals: 2,081,590 (Joey Votto, Reds: 1,773,348)
2B: Brandon Phillips, Reds: 1,754,872 (Rickie Weeks, Brewers: 1,461,383)
3B: Placido Polanco, Phillies: 1,822,129 (Chipper Jones, Braves: 1,197,332)
SS: Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies: 1,828,509 (Jose Reyes, Mets: 1,241,553)
OF: Ryan Braun, Brewers: 2,230,505 (Andre Ethier, Dodgers: 1,468,537)
OF: Lance Berkman, Cardinals: 1,878,314 (Matt Kemp, Dodgers: 1,372,804)
OF: Matt Holliday, Cardinals: 1,855,416 (Jay Bruce, Reds: 1,201,224)


2011 MLB All-Star Voting: Where The AL Results Become ‘The AL East All-Stars Plus Josh Hamilton'

The second edition of the MLB All-Star AL voting results have been released and, much to the disingenuous astonishment of baseball fans across the country, yet another member of the overly-celebrated AL East has been added to the lineup. Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz (1,160,590) rode a strong week to overtake Texas Rangers' Michael Young (1,033,514) and lay claim to the AL's starting DH spot.

Though, Ortiz's total still pales in comparison to that of Jose Bautista (2,142,867), the leading vote getter in the MLB for the second consecutive week. The Toronto Blue Jay is as sure of a lock as they come, holding a 417,213 vote lead over the next closest outfielder.

Of course, one can't help but notice that six New York Yankees continue to maintain top spots in the early All-Star results. Pinstriped catcher Russell Martin (1,317,557), first basemen Mark Teixeira, (1,333,445), second basemen Robinson Cano (1,930,762), shortstop Derek Jeter (1,454,795), third basemen Alex Rodriguez (1,515,188), and outfielder Curtis Granderson (1,725,654) still hold considerable leads at their respective positions.

With David Ortiz surpassing Michael Young, Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton (1,229,040) now carries the lonely distinction of being the only AL starter to not play for the American League East. However, his spot seems secure for the moment, as the slugger holds a considerable lead over the fourth-ranked outfielder, Seattle Mariners' Ichiro Suzuki (970,622). Interestingly, if the struggling Suzuki does not make this year's All-Star team, it will mark the first time he has missed the big game in his 11-year career.

The starting AL lineup as of June 8th:
C: Russell Martin, Yankees: 1,317,557 (Joe Mauer, Twins: 829,073)
1B: Mark Teixeira, Yankees: 1,333,445 (Adrian Gonzalez, Red Sox: 1,268,706)
2B: Robinson Cano, Yankees: 1,930,762 (Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox: 963,996)
SS: Derek Jeter, Yankees: 1,454,795 (Asdrubal Cabrera, Indians: 1,162,728)
3B: Alex Rodriguez, Yankees: 1,515,188 (Adrian Beltre, Rangers: 1,224,381)
OF: Jose Bautista, Blue Jays: 2,142,867 (Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners: 970,622)
OF: Curtis Granderson, Yankees: 1,725,654 (Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox: 871,897)
OF: Josh Hamilton, Rangers: 1,229,040 (Nelson Cruz, Rangers: 768,115)
DH: David Ortiz, Red Sox: 1,160,590 (Michael Young, Rangers: 1,033,514)


2011 MLB All-Star Voting: Ryan Braun Overtakes Albert Pujols To Lead Early NL All-Star Results

The second week of 2011 MLB All-Star voting results have been released, and the National League has a surprising new leader. A flood of votes have caused Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun (1,588,342) to overtake St. Louis Cardinals' distinguished first basemen Albert Pujols (1,479,320) as the league's top vote-getter.

The remaining two-thirds of the starting outfield remain claimed by the pairing of St. Louis Cardinals' Matt Holiday (1,407,781) and Lance Berkman (1,382,436), who clutch a stranglehold over the next closest competitor. Cinncinnati Reds second basemen Brandon Phillips (1,331,568), Philadelphia Phillies third basemen Placido Polanco (1,303,817), and Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki (1,409,806) also maintained strong leads at their respective positions.

The only switch to the NL's starting lineup was an expected one, as the Atlanta Braves' Brian McCann (1,123,943) took over starting catcher duties from the San Francisco Giants' Buster Posey (1,065,983). Momentum for the 2010 NL Rookie of Year proved difficult to maintain following a horrific left leg injury that left doubts regarding his ability to return for rest of the 2011 season.

Besides catcher, the closest race for the top spot lies at first base, where reigning NL MVP Joey Votto (1,310,755) is charging hard to overtake leader Albert Pujols. The margin between the two division rivals has shrunk from 182,438 to 168,565 votes since the release of the first early results.

Also noteworthy, Philadelphia Phillies' Shane Victorino (787,987) has surpassed the Atlanta Braves' Jason Heyward (697,458), sneaking onto the list as the third back-up outfielder. Though, it will still take a mighty movement for the Hawaiian to make a run at the starting rotation.

Voting will remain available at all MLB ballparks, as well as online at MLB.com, and each major league team website until June 24th. Once the June 24th deadline passes, voting will exclusively be available online until June 30th.

The starting NL lineup as of June 8th:

C: Brian McCann, Braves: 1,123,943 (Buster Posey, Giants: 1,065,983)
1B: Albert Pujols, Cardinals: 1,479,320 (Joey Votto, Reds: 1,310,755)
2B: Brandon Phillips, Reds: 1,331,568 (Rickie Weeks, Brewers: 982,561)
3B: Placido Polanco, Phillies: 1,303,817 (Chipper Jones, Braves: 872,052)
SS: Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies: 1,409,806 (Jimmy Rollins, Phillies: 785,703)
OF: Ryan Braun, Brewers: 1,588,342 (Andre Ethier, Dodgers: 1,130,888)
OF: Matt Holliday, Cardinals: 1,407,781 (Matt Kemp, Dodgers: 918,269)
OF: Lance Berkman, Cardinals: 1,382,436 (Shane Victorino, Phillies: 787,987)

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