Hey look, it's out own Kevin Ray and that Dragic kid too...

Goran Dragic Refutes Report That He Wants To Leave The NBA

Would Goran Dragic really leave the NBA after his contract is up? The answer from Goran himself is no.

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Goran Dragic Denies Wanting To Leave NBA, Cites Misunderstanding By Greek Journalist

This should put many Suns (and NBA) fans at ease.

Goran responded via email about this "matter" and cleared things up for us.

Hi Seth

I hope you enjoy the hot Phoenix:) I was a little surprised when I saw your mail:) This news is not correct, because I made a statement that I want to end my basketball carrer in Europe. So this is a big misunderstanding of the Greek journalist. In this moment I'm very happy in the NBA and I'm not going to Europe! I am a member of the Phoenix Suns, and my desire is to stay in Phoenix for many years!

It was nice to hear from you. Greetings from Europe! EL DRAGON:)

Phew ... crisis averted.

And really this wasn't much of a crisis to begin with, but it's always good to be sure.

We certainly don't want to see a Rudy Fernandez type situation where the player is threatening to not show up to camp and is willing to hold-out the last two years of his contract if the Trail Blazers don't trade him. What a mess that is!

Remember to tune in next Sunday when Slovenia takes on the USA in the first round of the World Championships in Turkey. Goran's going to have his hands full with Rose, Curry, Westbrook and Rondo.

He can handle any one of them. Two, even. But all four? That's just not fair to El Dragon!


Suns Reaction To Dragic 'Leaving NBA' Quote

I exchanged a few text messages with a couple of people in the Suns organization who had not seen the story on the Greek web site about Dragic possibly leaving the NBA after his current contract was complete.

There was speculation about the quality of the translation or that he was perhaps just keeping European fans and media happy. Either way, there’s no immediate cause for alarm.

The Suns do not seem to have any intention of letting Dragic leave.

And considering the $1 million he paid out of his own pocket to buy out of his Spanish contract to come to the NBA and fulfill his dream, it really seems unlikely that Dragic would be headed back to a European club so soon.

If Goran has another year like last season and continues to improve his game even more, he will be in line for a large contract extension from the Suns.

Goran’s never expressed any dissatisfaction with living in the U.S., playing in the NBA or his role on the team. In fact, he seems to be one of the happiest people I’ve known in a long time.

We will continue to try and get a definitive answer from Dragic, but in the meantime, Goran fans should avoid premature panic.

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