Griggs was able to withstand Lashley's wrestling skills and wore the big man down. (Photo provided by Strikeforce).

Strikeforce Houston: Tucson-Based Chad Griggs Upsets Bobby Lashley

MMA heavy weight Chad Griggs, a firefighter from Tucson, faced a bigger, stronger opponent who happens to be a former national wrestling champion. Griggs followed his game plan by hitting the less experienced Lashley and opening up a gash and then wearing the big man down until he eventually was able to earn the win with a TKO.

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Strikeforce Houston: Griggs Talks About Upset Over Lashley

In the opening fight of the SHOWTIME telecast, Chad Griggs won an upset, TKO victory over previously unbeaten Bobby Lashley at the end of the second round.

An experienced and talented wrestler, Lashley immediately took the fight to the ground in the first round. He expended a lot of energy trying to hit Griggs (9-1) while on the ground, but Griggs was able to counter and opened up a gushing cut over Lashley's left eye.

Once again, Lashley (5-1) took the fight to the ground in the second, but his punches didn't do enough damage to the more experienced Griggs. The cut worsened with Lashley apparently gassed in the closing moments of the second round and the referee called the bout immediately following the conclusion of the round.

"This is a dream come true fighting for STRIKEFORCE. I got offered a big fight right off the bat and I'm super pumped I got the win," Griggs said. "I know he was bleeding all over me. I think he was tired and he was hurt already. I think it was a good call to end it.

"I felt him starting to fade a little bit at the end of the first round. I could hear him breathing really hard and could feel him using a lot of muscle to land punches. I was comfortable because he wasn't really catching me and he was using a lot of energy. I don't think that he's really been hit before or been tested. I could see it in his eyes that the fight was changing. He was still hustling, but I think he was losing some heart in there."



Tucson-Based Chad Griggs Follows His Game Plan And Upsets Lashley

From SB Griggs landed a well-timed uppercut that cut Lashley badly next to his left eye. The first round ended with Lashley pouring blood but safely winning the round.

In the second Lashley got another takedown but looked to be getting tired. He spent more time in side control and eventually passed to mount but he was unable to do much with the position. The referee decided to stop the fight to allow the doctor to check the cut, which had begun bleeding badly again, and made the odd decision to not restart them in mount. It was the beginning of the end as Lashley shot in poorly and got hit several times by Griggs as the round ended including several shots that appeared to be illegal and to the back of the head. When the round ended Lashley did not get off the ground and chose not to continue.

Lets see ... Griggs dealt with Lashley's ground game, delivered some strikes to the inexperienced fighter and wore the big man down.

Basically, it went exactly how he planned it.

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