NFL Picks Against The Spread: New England Patriots And Philadelphia Eagles Host Division Rivals

Our experts pick against the spread for Week 17 NFL games.

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NFL Picks Against The Spread: New Orleans Saints Push For Number One Seed; Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Giants Claw To Keep Their Dreams Alive

Week 17 is just chock-full of tantalizing matchups, and there is certainly plenty more to analyze for our NFL picks against the spread. The Vegas odd-makers seem to have their work cut out for them as several teams enter desperation mode over the next few days. Count the New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Giants as teams that still have something to play for.

New York Giants -4 @ Washington Redskins

The Giants are on the precipice of one of the most outlandish collapses that this sportswriter can remember. Once seven minutes away from being 10-4 and in the playoffs, New York now finds themselves sitting on a 9-6 record and one Packer victory away from vacation. Somehow, the Eagles having seemingly beat them two weeks in a row, first physically, now mentally/emotionally. The Giants looked lethargic last week against Green Bay, and may have already given up on Tom Coughlin.

Meanwhile, Washington has actually showed some signs of life since the switch from Donovan McNabb to Sexy Rexy (file that under sentences I never imagined I would write). There are trap games a-plenty on the Week 17 schedule, and this looks like one of them. Never bet against the home dog.

Prediction: Redskins 30, Giants 27. The Giants complete an epic collapse and the New York media implodes on itself in a fury. 

New Orleans Saints -7 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If we've learned anything from this season, it's that the Buccaneers will continue to fight as long as their playoffs aspirations are still alive, no matter how slim. Because of New Orleans' Monday night win, the only way Tampa Bay can make the postseason is if they defeat the Saints, AND Green Bay loses to Chicago, AND New York loses to Washington. It probably won't happen, but still, they have accomplished something incredible this year. A team devastating by injuries, and coming off of a 3-13 season, could end up with ten wins. That's something to be proud of.

Unfortunately, this is the end of the line. The Saints have been picking up steam as the season has progressed, and finally looked like the defending champions against Atlanta last week. It's hard to think they will lose this game.

Prediction: Saints 27, Bucs 20. The Buccaneers fight valiantly, but in the end the defending champs are just too much.


NFL Picks Against The Spread: Green Bay Packers, St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks Battle For Last Remaining Playoff Spots

Week 17 is finally here and the postseason slate is almost set. Almost. With the last few spots still of for grabs, the playoffs have already started for several teams throughout the league. All Most of our "experts" have been consistently beating the spread this year, besting the Vegas odd-makers at their own game, and this week should deliver a solid capper to the season. Yep, you can just smell it in the air. It's that time of year: win or go home for the Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, and St. Louis Rams.

Green Bay -10 vs. Chicago Bears

Admittedly, this matchup lost some luster when Chicago clinched the 2-seed in the NFC last week. The Bears may not technically have much to play for, but do you think, even for a second, that the Bears want to simply hand over a playoff spot to their hated rivals? Hell, in all likelihood Green Bay could even be the more complete team of the two. Vegas obviously thinks the Bears won't play too hard in this game but it would be the mistake of the season for Lovie Smith and his gang to take this one easy.

Still, a win-or-go-home game played in the freezing tundra of Lambeau Field, Cutler vs. Rodgers? You can't bet against the Pack.

Prediction: Packers 38, Bears 17. Green Bay keeps their season alive and destroys a half-hearted Bears effort 

St. Louis Rams -2.5 @ Seattle Seahawks

This game is both hilarious and tragic. A 6-9 team playing a 7-8 team in primetime with a home playoff game on the line. You gotta love the NFC West. Really, how are the Seahawks even alive right now? It seems like they get destroyed every single week. They have allowed 107 more points than they have scored. If they get into the playoffs, that just has to be some kind of record.

But yet, something about this game just doesn't sit right with me. The Seahawks have always been a good home team -- four of their six wins were at home -- a to make them home dogs against a rookie quarterback, no matter how good he may be, just reeks of a trap. Somehow, someway, the Seahawks are going to win this game is the ugliest of fashions, upsetting every fan of an non-playoff team with eight to ten wins in the league.

Prediction: Seahawks 23, Rams 20. The Seahawks become the worst playoff team in the history of NFL


NFL Picks Against The Spread: New England Patriots And Philadelphia Eagles Host Division Rivals

As the NFL regular season draws to a close, Week 17 features divisional matchups with playoff implications and others that do not matter other than for pride. Vegas is aware of this as there are a few games that have no spread yet, either because of uncertainty or because the odds for betting aren't any good. Could be that they are waiting around just like the NFL did in waiting to dole out a punishing fine to Brett Favre for his alleged lewd texts to Jenn Sterger. In any case, Vegas odds-makers want to avoid our experts beating them for the final week.

Miami Dolphins vs. New Englad Patriots (-4)

The Patriots have locked up home-field for the playoffs and Miami is only playing for pride. This would likely explain the small spread. Miami is playing on the road, which is a plus for them, but it is in the cold weather of New England, which is not good for the Fish of sunny Miami. Most playoff teams with nothing left to play for would rest their starters and let the scrubs play, but Bill Belichick is not your ordinary coach. He keeps his team running with teh pedal to the medal. Why else would you leave Tom Brady in a game when leading by over 40 points? Brady and the Pats are a machine and are not about to turn it off with the playoffs around the corner.

Prediction: Patriots 31, Dolphin 13

Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles (no line)

The Cowboys are without Tony Romo and might be without backup Jon Kitna. Who will start? Stephen McGee. Who? Maybe that's why Vegas didn't set the spread yet. The Eagles have already locked up the number three seed for the playoffs, so the game is nothing more than a formality for them before the "second season" begins. Quarterback Michael Vick, who has been banged up, may not play. even still, Kevin Kolb is more than capable of leading Philly. He will still be throwing to DeSean Jackson. Dallas doesn't stand a chance and will be put out of their misery with a second consecutive loss to a team of birds.

Prediction: Eagles 27, Cowboys 9

Stay tuned for more pick from the experts here at SB Nation Arizona. But don't use us for real betting advice. I wouldn't.

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