NFL Playoff Picture: Seahawks And Rams To Face Off For Best Of Worst Title

Only a week left and everything is pretty much set. For once you can enjoy the NFC West.

As we enter the final week of the season, almost all of the playoff spots are locked up. A few remain open, but even in those situations, the outstanding teams don't face tough tests in their last game. The only real battle left on the schedule is in football's worst division, where the Rams will attempt to take the NFC West with a win in Seattle.

Here's the breakdown as it currently stands:


Current Division Leaders:

Atlanta Falcons (12-3) - New Orleans loss was tough, but pretty easy marching orders for Atlanta: beat Carolina at home and get home field throughout the playoffs.

Remaining games: v. Carolina

Prediction: 13-3, NFC South winner, home field advantage throughout NFC playoffs.

Chicago Bears (11-4) - The first round bye is already clinched and they need everyone else to lose to get the top seed. It's not going to happen. They'll half ass it against Green Bay in anticipation of the playoffs. 

Remaining games: @Green Bay

Prediction: 11-5, NFC North winner, first round bye

Philadelphia Eagles (10-5) - Home loss to Minnesota killed their bye hopes. Now locked into the three seed. 

Remaining games: v. Dallas

Prediction: 11-5, NFC East winner 

St. Louis Rams (7-8) - A road win away from taking their team to the playoffs after having the number one pick the previous year. Clipboard Jesus Whitehurst stands in the way.

Remaining games: @Seattle

Prediction: 7-9, out of playoffs (lose in-division tiebreaker to Seahawks)

Current Wild Cards:

New Orleans Saints (11-4) - Probably not going to get the Atlanta loss they need to get home field, but their playoff berth is clinched.

Remaining games: v. Tampa Bay

Prediction: 12-4, wild card

Green Bay Packers (9-6) - The Bears would ordinarily be a somewhat tough game, but I doubt they really bring their A-game since they have nothing to play for, even against a division rival.  

Remaining games: v. Chicago

Prediction: 10-6, wild card (win head-to-head tiebreaker with Giants)

In the hunt:

New York Giants (9-6) - Nothing they can do but hope the Bears pull a miracle win with their backups. Good luck, boys. 

Remaining games: @Washington

Prediction: 10-6, out of playoffs (lose head-to-head tiebreaker with Packers)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-6) - Also have to pull for a Chicago win, but also need Washington to beat New York. Not to mention they need to beat New Orleans. Too much for a team that hasn't beaten one over-.500 team.  

Remaining games: @New Orleans

Prediction: 9-7, out of playoffs

Seattle Seahawks (6-9) - I have absolutely no reason to believe that they'll be able to beat the Rams except for the fact that they are playing the game in Seattle. Somehow, I think that'll be enough. 

Remaining games: v. St. Louis

Prediction: 7-9, NFC West winner (win on in-division tiebreaker over Rams)

Not even math gives them a chance:


Current Division Leaders:

New England Patriots (13-2) - Nothing to play for in Week 17. Home field advantage is clinched - they could lose, they could win. Who cares.

Remaining games:  v. Miami

Prediction: 14-2, AFC East winner, home field advantage throughout AFC playoffs.

Pittsburgh Steelers (11-4) - Just takes a win over the Browns to give them the division and the other first round bye. Should be easily attainable.  

Remaining games:  @Browns

Prediction: 12-4, AFC North winner, first round bye

Kansas City Chiefs (10-5) - They were consistent where the Chargers were not. That's why the Chiefs are in the playoffs. 

Remaining games: v. Oakland

Prediction: 11-5, AFC West winner

Indianapolis Colts (9-6) - Four years ago, Rex Grossman helped hand Peyton Manning his one Super Bowl win. This year, Grossman helped Manning into the playoffs by beating Jacksonville. All Indy needs to do is beat the Titans and Jacksonville is done.  

Remaining games: v. Tennessee

Prediction: 10-6, AFC South winner

Current Wild Cards:

New York Jets (10-5) - They've clinched and also have nothing left to play for in Week 17.

Remaining games: v. Buffalo

Prediction: 11-5, wild card

Baltimore Ravens (11-4) - Baltimore could still snake the bye and the division, but it would require Pittsburgh to lose to Cleveland. Not gonna happen.

Remaining games:  v. Cincinnati

Prediction: 12-4, wild card

In the hunt:

Jacksonville Jaguars (8-7) - If your playoff hopes rest on Kerry Collins mustering some of his old time magic then you're screwed.

Remaining games: @Houston

Prediction: 9-7, out of playoffs

Not even math gives them a chance:

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